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This happened a few years ago, but I thought I would share the experience. A friend of mine was always coming round with his girlfriend to my crocreview house. I was alone at that time. They were a beautiful couple, and it was funny, I knew he was bi and so is his girlfriend. However, week after week, which in turn, for a coffee and stay late, and frankly, I was a little tired of them. One night she came round and the conversation was normal, so I asked if crocreview I wanted coffee, and both said yes. So I went to the kitchen and has water to boil. Sex was the last thing on my mind, and they married in a couple of weeks, so most of the talk was about the wedding. I had forgotten, if they had sugar or not returned to the living room and to my surprise, found him with his pants at the ankles and the burrito very hard, his girlfriend to work with your legs spread apart with your fingers in the shell. ' Would you like to participate,' he said. Not one to fuck I refuse to do a free coffeewn and dropped his pants. You put it on the floor, and began to suck her nipples. It was a very happy girl with huge tits with huge nipples. Hands were everywhere. My friend and I were circumcised I was more than his, but he was much thicker than mine. My tail is about 7. 5 to the 5. 5. She began to suck my cock while I went below a 69 on my tongue to lick her pussy. that was leaking. my friend was exploring my ass black kiss me at the same time. I wanted to catch me, so I put my cock in her pussy and pushed all the way at once. she was a little surprised because it was more than I was accustomed. my friend got them and put some lubricant between her breasts and squeezed his cock there. That was fun. He turned to me and gave me his tongue right into my mouth. I was very hot. My cock was in and out of her pussy, she moaned, my friend was getting her tits it was good. then she said we wanted comand on her tits. easy to do. crocreview I pulled crocreview my cock, but my friend wanted to suck my dick first. I slept well and he started sucking his cock and his girlfriend placed her pussy on me and I kept licking and finger fucking. We were really into it and then sat on the couch with her legs apart to leak. My friend stopped sucking his dick and he said he wanted to try at once. I lay crocreview on the ground. his girlfriend was moving on my cock and sat on the road. then my friend and his girlfriend over me nealt leaned forward. I pulled out my cock and I felt like my colleagues to seize the hand of the tail, and he led them into her pussy. We need to develop a rhythm and I felt his cock rubbing my cock. I was about to explode. She was bucking and orgasam after orgasm. my friend said he was about to shoot his load and both shot our load in her pussy, almost at the same time. There was no milk dripping everywhere. my friend w immedatelyENT in semen licking her pussy. and then took my dick lick my helmet and stared. God was good. after she said she wanted a bath so she went out and leave us to clean. The moment you walked out the crocreview door of my friend crocreview came to me and put his hand on my cock and said, 'I love you now. ' His tongue slid our cocks in her mouth, pushed hard against each other. It was electrifying. our two rock hard cocks our hands explore each other. We went on the floor 69 and took his cock and started sucking. I could still try it. He took my penis and began to deep throat me. it was good. my fingers found my ass and started exploring. fuck me, whispered, I always wanted your cock inside me. He turned and was on all fours. I pushed my cock in and then pushed a little further and a little more until I had everything, and I was pounding away like I've never caught before. stroked my balls to my friend and I was ready to cum soon. hetold me not to shoot him. i must. It was my third or 4 Cumming of time, but the best. Again, I crocreview took out my penis, and shot him. my milk dripping from his hole. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking, and he said he wanted to sit on the couch. I went between the legs and took his cock back, and when crocreview he slid my cock back to him. I had to jerk him for all he was worth and I felt his cock get hard and then shot him three or four ropes of cum all over her belly. We were dead tired. We put our clothes and waited for his girlfriend to return. My friend and I had many subsequent meetings.
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